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Our History

This history was researched and compiled by Sandy Jensen, Sandy Saari, and Val Naber. Many records were
destroyed in the 1991 fire. If you have historical photos or other Northfield golf memorabilia please contact us at Northfield Golf Club.

The first movement was formed to organize a Northfield golf club in the mid 1920's. A golf club committee was formed, consisting of first President Dr. J.L. Haskins, Frank L. Clark, Oliver Machacek, J.J. Sletten, F. W. Shandorf, Alex Mackay, Jr., Dr. E. A. Vestling, Mr. E. B. Anderson, C.P. Carpenter, Miss Laura Baker, Mrs. May Davis, H. C.Nelson, and Harry M. Hutchinson.

The committee leased the 70 acre Hollis tract along the Cannon River, south of town (NW of current Hwy. 3, Co.Rd. 1 intersection). A two-year lease at $5 per acre, with an option to buy at $90 an acre was executed. A nine hole course of 3,000 yards was laid out with the assistance of C. B. Anderson, a golf professional of Minneapolis. The course was laid out in March and ready to play June 1, with greens of part sand and part grass.

In March, 1925, President Dr. H. C. Remele appointed a committee to investigate a proposal to move the course to a new site near the city. Dues were set at $40, family dues $25, and single woman dues $15. A special rate for teachers and students was $5 per term during the school year and $10 for the 3 summer months. Non-member local residents were allowed to use the course 3 times by paying greens fees and then had to become members.

In May, 37 1/2 acres of land were leased from O. F. Pruett on the east edge of town (our current location). Seeding and work on permanent greens was started, with the new course expected to be ready for use in 1926.

Quotes from the Northfield News

Layout of New Course Promises Good Golfing - "A fairly short course with plenty of thrill and adventure for the golfer, combined with a low upkeep is the verdict of the golf fans who have seen the drawing for Northfield's new golf course on the O. F. Pruett tract. William Clark of Chicago, a golf course architect, surveyed the course and says that we have an excellent natural layout... Rubber boots may be discarded as part of the clothes of every welldressed golfer... All greens will be grass, a combination of blue grass, bent and red top. The course will have a yardage of 2430, and a par of 32."

Dues were cut in half to make the game available to more players in Northfield. Family memberships were
abolished and single memberships reduced to $10. There were 30 family, 25 single, 25 student and 5 summer memberships. It was hoped that the membership would increase to 125.


The golf club agreed to renew the lease on the 37 1/2 acre Pruett tract for a fee of $420 plus taxes, with an option to purchase at $7,200. There was no clubhouse at this time, only a "shack" used for signing in and paying greens fees.


A water system was added to the course at a cost of approximately $1500. 72 evergreens were planted on thecourse, many of which stand today.


The Pruett house, barn and outbuildings on Prairie Avenue and approximately 2 acres of land adjoining the golf course were purchased (site of the current clubhouse). The 3-story residence was later removed from the property.


The club was presented with the opportunity to obtain a building much larger than original plans, constructed of better materials and at much less cost. The building was the officers' recreation building at CCC Savage Camp No. 7. It was full log construction, measuring approximately 24 by 44 feet, with an adjoining room 18 by 12 feet, and a nine-foot porch along the front of the building. Plans were made to move the building as soon as weather permitted.


The log cabin was moved to town the last week of April. A log siding extension including stand, porch, kitchen, stairs, ladies wash room, showers & lockers was built & the entire structure re-roofed. A red granite fireplace served as the centerpiece to many festive occasions.


The golf club membership narrowly approved the purchase of additional land. 23 acres were purchased from the Wardell family for the purpose of expanding the golf course from 9 to 18 holes. The cost of the land was $23,000 with projected expansion costs of $400,000.


The new 18 hole course was ready for play. Golf club members volunteered many hours on the project, and the expansion was finished under budget.


During an unusual Halloween night snowstorm, the Northfield Gold Club burned to the ground. The fire
department was called to the scene at 10:14 p.m. A police officer who arrived just before the fire crew observed the south end of the building blow out. When the fire department arrived, the east side of the building was "totally involved." High winds caused the fire to progress rapidly. Firefighters were eventually able to get the blaze under control enough so that some golf club records could be retrieved from the office area. Unfortunately, many other records and memorabilia were lost. Golf clubs from many of the 200 basement lockers were salvaged. The pro shop, housed in a separate building, survived the fire. Discussions immediately began on the location and design of a new clubhouse.


A double-wide trailer was brought in for use as a temporary clubhouse. It was placed on the site of the former clubhouse utilizing the original terrace.


Construction began on the new clubhouse.


The new clubhouse officially opened in May.


Negotiations began for the purchase of approximately 26 additional acres of land.


Land east of the golf course was purchased from Leonard Hubers. Work began on the design of two additional holes.

707 Prairie St, Northfield, MN 55057